Monday, 30 May 2011

Letter To Editor been written to the papers " Saat Phereo Se Dhokha" Author Kamlesh Chauhan

Hindi novelist, Kamlesh Chauhan's, second book, 'Saat Pheron Se Dhokha', was launched May 21, 2011, at the Peacock Restaurant in Diamond Bar, under the aegis of Jagriti. 

An evening of singing and music, the function was attended by over 100 guests.  

Kamlesh Chauhan is the founder of Jagriti, an organization she started several years ago to offer refuge and a support structure for women who had been victimized by domestic violence.  Chauhan has since been embraced by the Indian community of Southern California
as a community activist.  She is a published poet and writer; her first novel, 'Saat Samundar Paar' won her acclaim in India and in the U.S.

The function started with a lamp lighting by Dr. Parvin Syal, President of Jagriti, accompanied by  Chauhan, Cypress City Councilman, Dr. Prakash Narain, and Los Angeles County Commissioner, Mahesh Parekh..  This was followed by a welcome address by Amit Mehta, winner of the 2010 Mr. India Global Title, who adulated Chauhan as being a role model for the Indian youth in California
.  Sunny Singh then emceed a karaoke style singing of new and old Indian songs, rendered by singers including Gurdeep Grewal, Imtiaz Khan, Deep Rajput and Avtar Chadda. 
The book was officially launched with brief addresses by three speakers.  Dr. Kiran Rami, a college English teacher, spoke about the theme of domestic violence in the novel.  She praised Chauhan for her courage in writing a novel about an issue most women don't talk about.  Harshi Gill, a writer and literary critic, spoke about infidelity in the novel, and lauded the writer for exposing different layers of infidelity at an emotional level as perpetrated by the key male characters.   Community activist and writer, Dr. Parvin Syal, addressed the issue of children in a broken family.  He spoke passionately about the sensitive portrayal of the effects of domestic violence on children and encouraged the audience, particularly men, to read this novel to understand an abused wife's perspective.  The book was released by Gaytri Saggar, author of a novel, ‘Lost to Them’.

Manju presented a bouquet of flowers to Kamlesh Chauhan, who was then honored with citations from the LA County Board of Supervisors and from the City of Cypress
The author spoke briefly about the inspiration behind her writing; her experiences with Jagriti had exposed her to many tales of women subjected to domestic violence and abuse.  These stories, coupled with anecdotes related to her by her parents, encouraged her to write this novel.  She thanked all those present for their love and support in making this a successful event. The New Jersey
based media channel, T.V. Asia, filmed the event for later broadcast.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Saat Phero Se Dhokha: Saat Phero Se Dhokha Written by Kamlesh Chauhan

Saat Phero Se Dhokha: Saat Phero Se Dhokha Written by Kamlesh Chauhan: "She walked like a robot taking small steps, oblivious of the world around her and even the kids who moved with her holding her hand. S..."

Saat Phero Se Dhokha Written by Kamlesh Chauhan

She walked like a robot taking small steps, oblivious of the world around her and even the kids who moved with her holding her hand.  Suddenly she stopped; took out a small mirror and looked at the scars on the face which once was spotless and shining. The discoloration was still very much visible. Everything around her swam. Could it be an earthquake? She wondered. Her legs seemed to give way under her. She had lost sense of time and place.  It was exactly at this moment that strong male hands held her by the shoulders from behind, “Hullo Rita! Why are you startled? It is only me.” She turned round and looked at the person. It was Ravi. He asked, “Where do you live these days? It is ages since we met last.”

“Oh, just somewhere close by,” she said a little embarrassed.

“What happened to this eye?” He pointed a finger to the blackened eye. Then added, “Oh, perhaps at night…there has been an argument with your hubby…. . Sari Raat Kushati Karati rahi ho … (you have been having a wrestling bout with your husband.)…I mean.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes. He was smiling as he scrutinized her face.

“Do I look like a wrestler?” Rita pressed her lips in disgust and turned away from Ravi