Sunday, 27 February 2011

Saat Phero Se Dhokha Written by Kamlesh Chauhan

She walked like a robot taking small steps, oblivious of the world around her and even the kids who moved with her holding her hand.  Suddenly she stopped; took out a small mirror and looked at the scars on the face which once was spotless and shining. The discoloration was still very much visible. Everything around her swam. Could it be an earthquake? She wondered. Her legs seemed to give way under her. She had lost sense of time and place.  It was exactly at this moment that strong male hands held her by the shoulders from behind, “Hullo Rita! Why are you startled? It is only me.” She turned round and looked at the person. It was Ravi. He asked, “Where do you live these days? It is ages since we met last.”

“Oh, just somewhere close by,” she said a little embarrassed.

“What happened to this eye?” He pointed a finger to the blackened eye. Then added, “Oh, perhaps at night…there has been an argument with your hubby…. . Sari Raat Kushati Karati rahi ho … (you have been having a wrestling bout with your husband.)…I mean.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes. He was smiling as he scrutinized her face.

“Do I look like a wrestler?” Rita pressed her lips in disgust and turned away from Ravi

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